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Yesterday I posted some out-of-date information - my apologies! A recent pre-trial hearing led to these results, shared by Michele:

"Dear friends and followers of the Four Necessity Valve Turners:

Just a couple of updates on our trial. First, the state dropped the felony charge "aiding and abetting attempted damage to pipeline property." They determined that they did not have evidence to prove the charge. Second, due to the pandemic, our trial for the misdemeanor, aiding and abetting criminal damage of property less than $500 remains on hold. We will all re-evaluate the situation in September. Meanwhile, the fossil fuel and pipeline industries have taken numerous hits resulting in shutting down of oil fields and termination of pipeline projects. I attribute these victories to Divine intervention which has been invoked by many people from all walks of life and spiritual traditions through PRAYER AND ACTION. There is still pushback from the industries who refuse to go down easily. And so we continue to struggle for our mother earth and all our relatives on all fronts."

May we all join that struggle for our mother earth, and seek the path that prayer and action opens for us towards a future where all can thrive!

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Here in Chicago, we occasionally get a cool day out of the blue. When I first moved here, I thought of it as natural air-conditioning, and found the relief of cold Canadian wind a delightful treat in the midst of usually hot and humid summers.

This year, I worry that the 60 degree breezes we're experiencing right now ought to be staying north, that their constant movement of cold air south is a symptom of global warming patterns. There are clear signs of how much damage has already been done - you can explore aerial photos here - and yet so few of us have time to acknowledge our connection and responsibility to the land and each other.

We're still waiting to hear more information about the potential Four Necessity trial later this month. We'll keep you updated as soon as we know more. Until then, be well, and keep all of our beautiful planet in your prayers.

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Brenna Cussen-Anglada and Michele Naar-Obed offer this spiritual reflection on (and introduction to) the actions and motivations of the Valve Turners. It may be a good entry point to climate activism for friends of yours who have been moved in recent months to reconsider their politics and faith. Brenna and Michele offer much insight into how to discern a role in the climate movement, how to inform conscience, and what books, texts, and experiences are good guides for engagement.

Definitely an inspiring listen - and one to share beyond the circle of supporters who already follow the Valve Turners.

As Brenna mentions in the interview, we don't yet have any updates about the potential court date or venue, although it is again coming closer. We'll be sure to let you know when we hear more.

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