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4 Necessity Valve Turners Court Hearing

Hello friends!

The second hearing for the Four Necessity Valve Turners is set for 1:00 pm on Tuesday,

February 19, at the Itasca County Courthouse located on 123 Northeast 4 th Street in Grand

Rapids, Minnesota. On Monday, February 4 th , the four Catholic Workers – informed by their

faith, their work with the marginalized, and their lives as farmers – took necessary, non-violent

action to address the climate crisis by entering an Enbridge pipeline site near Blackberry, MN

and calling on the company to shut down the flow of tar sands oil through pipelines 3 and 4,

which the company did. The four, who cite the imminent and irreversible damage being done to

the climate, are scheduled to appear before Judge Wahwassuck to be formally read their

charges, which are currently a felony: “Aiding and Abetting Attempted Damage to Pipeline

Property,” and a misdemeanor, “Aiding and Abetting Criminal Damage to Property in the Fourth


A rally will be happening outside the courthouse at 12:30 pm before the hearing in support of the valve turners and to further the effort to educate others on the climate crisis. We hope to see you there!

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