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Climate Strike: the struggle continues

Friday was a global climate strike. Did you take action? There's still time, all this week and into the future.

Many of us did, each according to their own ability. Carly Ann and Lydia (pictured above), Four Necessity support team members living in Chicago, spoke and sang as a part of the Chicago action against Chase Bank. Diane and Mike, support team members from Winona, attended a Climate Strike event in their area. Michele supported the climate strike efforts in downtown Duluth. Many of us continued the daily rhythm of regenerative agriculture that we are committed to, seeking to reduce the harm caused by climate change in every aspect of our lives. We'll share out more images and reflections of over the next weeks.

In this moment we also want to highlight the role of media and privilege in this work. There are many amazing youth activists that are not white. Many of them are putting their lives and freedom on the line in order to make change so their families and culture will survive. They are not well-funded, they are not making international news. They won't show up on your newsfeed several times everyday, they aren't quoted on the side of the UN building in New York City. There will be representatives of the coal industry speaking at the UN today, talking about how much has already been done to minimize the damage of climate change, promoting the idea that we can only go so far. The people whose voices are elevated by the media have consolidated power and privilege behind them.

Let us listen closely to those most directly effected by climate change and pipeline spills. Let us take inspiration, but not limited. Let us look to indigenous teens on the equator, tribal youth in regions criscrossed by leaking pipelines, those who see their culture and their family's lives diminished right now by pollution and climate change. Let us listen to our elders, talk with our farmers. Let us consult the immigrants on our borders who are driven from home by poverty and famine, the people of Puerto Rico still waiting for sufficient relief from tropical storms and hurricanes. Let us not stigmatize those willing to risk everything for their future, because they are already living the reality that has yet to reach our latitudes. Let us learn from them, elevate them, amplify them. Let us act with great urgency, for our own children's sakes.

As we prepare for our October 8th hearing, we'd love to hear from you how you are resisting climate change and fossil fuels. This hearing is mostly procedural, but one outcome may be learning the date of the final trial. We will share any updates with you as soon as we hear them.

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