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Donation & Fundraising Update

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Preparing spiritual resources for the action, now preparing our financial resources for the trial

Let's begin this post with a big "THANK YOU" to everyone who has given money to support the Four Necessity Valve Turners to date. We've raised over $3,000 which we are putting to use covering travel costs for the Four Necessity crew traveling from their homes to their court appearances (as is required of them as a term of their release on their own recognizance) as well as the new domain name for this website (we are so official now, you can find us at !)

To date, we've been indebted to Eric Anglada and the St Isidore Catholic Worker for receiving and managing donations sent electronically via PayPal or through the mail to their address. We are beginning to explore what the next phase of this journey will be. It seems that as we enter into litigation, there may be additional needs for fundraising. While our lawyers have all offered their services pro bono, we may have additional needs. As we enter the growing season, it is less ideal for farmers to be spending their spare hours (more and more rare as the days grow longer) running into town to deposit checks or pay bills.

So we are grateful and happy to announce that the Climate Defense Project (CDP) will be taking donations for us in the coming months. One important thing to note is that you will need to select "Four Necessity Valve Turners" from the drop down menu labelled "Campaigns" - If you neglect to earmark your donation it will go to the general CDP fund. We love CDP, and we know they will do great work with your money, but we all want to be sure your intentions are respected!

CDP will keep us appraised of your support, so never fear, you'll still get homemade cards in thanks via email or snail mail, but our team will be freed to do more of the hands-on-growing, organizing and communicating that we are passionate about.

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