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Facebook is Down

now the action is behind a wall of a different sort

At 3:22 am this morning the Four Necessity Facebook page was taken down without warning or explanation. While we work through the procedure for disputing this action and possibly resurfacing the page, please visit or direct people to twitter at which links to copies of the livestream we downloaded from Facebook yesterday.

It is worth mentioning that a page titled "4necessity" was created the night before and had begun to develop a following of support but little content the night before the action. It was removed from Facebook just before the livestream began, when the "Four Necessity" page appeared. The "Four Necessity" page generated over 10,000 interactions and over 30,000 views, so it was widely shared and seen prior to its removal and is likely missed today - as demonstrated in this article ( - as people continue to follow the events that unfolded yesterday.

It seems important to point out that censorship on social media is not uncommon, but it is always surprising when it happens to a feed one is personally following. We share this story in part so that others can learn to navigate the (social) media environment we work within.

Our team is working on jail support this morning. We will continue to maintain the website and update it as frequently as possible.

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