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Late Summer Update

It's been a quiet summer for the Four Necessity Valve Turners and our support team, working on our farms going, spending time with our families, feeding the hungry, charting the progression of climate change in our own microclimates.

The biggest news came last week we heard from the Climate Defense Project that our cause had raised $5,000 towards legal defense! Thank you to everyone who followed our donate link to give any amount - over time, every donation adds up to a humbling total. This is cause to celebrate for a number of reasons. First, that will go a long way towards ensuring that if the Four Necessity Valve Turners are granted the necessity defense, they will be sufficiently resourced to support expert witnesses and other court expenses. Second, the Climate Defense Project and other similar non-profits need to demonstrate to the IRS that they are serving a public purpose, and donations are one of the clearest metrics that demonstrate support. So fundraising through them ensures that they can continue their mission of supporting climate activists and protecting vulnerable ecology in this era of climate change.

You'll notice that our "donate" button points back to our PayPal account administered by Eric Anglada, husband of Brenna Cussen Anglada, one of the Four Necessity Valve Turners. The money held in trust for our legal defense by CDP is strictly for lawyers and court expenses. Travel, public speaking events, and other surprises along the way get expensive quickly, and we are so grateful to be able to offer a cushion of support for everyone in the Four Necessity Valve Turner team.

Finally, we have some other good news to share: there have been posts from the Valve Turners on facebook over the last couple months (even about those elusive Valve Turners who don't have facebook accounts, coordinated by our support team), which we will mirror back here over the next couple weeks. Allyson and Michele are both traveling to the border, so keep them and the migrants they go to serve in your prayers. We are also still awaiting a final decision on the necessity defense, which will frame the next stage of this effort, so keep that close to your heart that the Four Necessity Valve Turner's sacred intentions may bear fruit.

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