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Line 3 Appeal Resumed

Governor Walz moved to continue the appeal of the commerce department's approval of Enbridge Oil Company's Line 3 tar sands pipeline. Last summer approval was granted for the controversial project, and Walz's predecessor, former Governor Dayton, appealed the approval. An appeals court ruling for the pipeline made it necessary for Governor Walz to take action on the issue. MPR quotes Governor Walz as stating, "When it comes to any project that impacts our environment and our economy, we must follow the process, the law, and the science," and projects like Line 3 "don't only need a building permit to forward, they also need a social permit." Key to these appeals moving forward are the other permit decisions not yet granted by a variety of authorities in Minnesota including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. The Four Necessity Valve Turners' action is cited by MPR (linked above) as proof of the continuing controversy over Enbridge Oil pipelines.

Please contact Governor Walz and your representatives to register your concern about pipelines, and your support for a future powered by green energy.

You may also enjoy this blog post that details how the Red Lake Tribal Council found the courage to reject $18.5 million dollars from Enbridge, choosing instead to keep the pipeline off their land.

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