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Necessity Defense at Tomorrow's Hearing

Earlier this week we received word that the "contested omnibus hearing" scheduled for tomorrow, May 8th, at 2 pm, was scheduled as such because the prosecutor is contesting (questioning) the use of the necessity defense in this case. Therefor, the Four Necessity Valve Turners, Allyson Polman, Brenna Cussen, Daniel Yildirim, and Michele Naar-Obed will give testimony during the hearing to establish whether or not the necessity defense is admitted for the coming trial. Up to this point, the Four Necessity Valve Turners have not had a significant opportunity to speak in court.

Please consider coming out to give the Valve Turners your support tomorrow, and, if that is not possible, send us your prayers, good wishes, and spiritual support. As Michele has said, this action is the work of the ancestors and our holy friends.

More information on the hearing and pre-hearing rally can be found here.

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