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Results of October 8th Pretrial Hearing

The Four Necessity Valve Turners, Brenna Cussen-Anglada, Michele Naar-Obed, Allyson Polman, and Daniel Yildirim, appeared at the Itasca County Courthouse in Grand Rapids MN on Tuesday, October 8, 2019 before Judge Chandler to confirm their plea of 'Not Guilty” to Count 1 felony: Aiding and abetting attempted damage to pipeline property, and Count 2 misdemeanor: Aiding and abetting criminal damage to property. The group also confirmed a joint trial, and waived their rights to a speedy trial (this was necessary in order to obtain a fixed trial date to facilitate the travel plans of out-of-town counsel).

With that, a trial date with jury is now set for Tuesday, June 2, 2020 beginning at 8:30am. The group expects a 3 day trial.

The Four Necessity Valve Turners will be preparing pretrial events and are available for speaking engagements. Even though the Necessity Defense will not be formally allowed in the trial, the group will engage with expert witnesses in the climate crisis to educate, raise awareness, and develop solutions in the months leading up to the trial.

Financial contributions are still needed for covering costs for pretrial events. Donations can be sent through PayPal, or checks made out to St. Isidore Catholic Worker Farm with Four Necessity in the memo line can be sent to:

St. Isidore Catholic Worker Farm,

2752 Clay Hollow Road

Cuba City WI 53807

Please continue to follow this website as well as facebook, twitter, and instagram for updates.

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