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Summer Update: Daniel

My life on the farm has been active and gratifying these summer months, as we install a permanent fencing paddock network for our rotational grazing system, which sequesters carbon back in the soil, at the same time that it meets human needs for nutrient-dense food. I have also been active in supporting our son Simin's Fridays for Future (#climatestrike#fridaysforfuture) weekly climate strike event in our small town of Viroqua.

My wife Dayna and I are part of a forming local chapter of Extinction Rebellion, which is planning on a regional convergence in Chicago in October for a global period of action. The strategy of XR is to peacefully disrupt global financial centers, and demand truth-telling and appropriate emergency responses from governments on the climate crisis. When I am not at work milking cows or doing construction, my life is full with the family activities of fishing, foraging, camping, cooking, summer chores and reading.

To hear Daniel's speech at an XR event in Chicago, click here.

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