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Summer Update: Diane

These last few months have found me tending my garden, putting lots of miles on my running shoes, and spending many hours at the Winona Catholic Worker. Our community is currently thriving, hosting up to 25 people for dinner five nights a week. We also offer showers and free laundry in addition to a safe and welcoming space. We have been doing a lot of work to improve the 100-year-old house and have had countless meetings and retreats as we do the spiritual work of looking at what the future holds for our community. With over 27 years of history in Winona, we are grateful for the insights of guests and friends that have supported the Winona Catholic Worker for decades and we are excited about what the coming months and years could look like for all of us. My partner Mike and I have also been spending quite a bit of time on the road, traveling regionally for his work as a full-time musician, which often results in visits to other Catholic Worker communities!

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