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Summer Update: Lydia

Since only one of the Valve Turners has a Facebook account, most of you have been interacting with me through all of the content on the FB page. Our support team has split up some of the logistical pieces to try to relieve some of the burden from the Valve Turners. I live in a Catholic Worker house in Chicago. We are currently home to a combination of 7 Catholic Workers and folks in need of transitional housing. This summer we are working on making our 109 year old home more energy efficient before winter through the installation of updated radiator valves and better insulation. While we acknowledge our own personal responsibility in reducing CO2 emissions, we also support initiatives to pressure corporations and government to make changes, recognizing that without larger communal effort, individual change will not be sufficient to make an impact against climate change. Besides living in the Catholic Worker, my time is spent working as a trauma therapist, teaching community college courses, and managing a community garden.

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