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Tar Sands Oil - News Updates

We are greatly encouraged by several recent news stories related to the delay of Line 3 and the overall slowing of the development of tar sands oil pipelines. While we expect that the struggle will continue, we believe that there is hope and reason for continued struggle to bring about a green energy revolution.

Beginning of the End of Canada's Tar Sands or Just a Blip? - Inside Climate News

"This is definitely a big deal," said Josh Axelrod of the Natural Resources Defense Council, one of the advocacy groups that has tried to block Keystone XL. "When the aim of the campaign is to level off production," he said, "to see that day when the first cuts happen for exactly the reason you have argued would happen, it's quite amazing."

Enbridge's Line 3 Pipeline Delayed 1 Year CBC

"Construction began on the Canadian portion of Line 3's replacement in 2017 and the project is largely completed — but it has faced challenges in Minnesota, where the state's governor has pursued an appeal, siding with environmental and Indigenous groups opposed to the pipeline."

A year ago, Enbridge had moved pipes to Minnesota ahead of receiving permits. How long will Enbridge litter our land with their materials?

Enbridge says Line 3 Pipeline Project in Minnesota to be Delayed a Year Duluth Star Tribune

"The project, previously slated to start shipping crude by the end of 2019, is now expected to enter service in the second half of 2020, Enbridge said in a news release late Friday. Construction is being pushed back because the Minnesota permitting process won’t be complete until November, and the ensuing federal permits won’t be received until as long as 60 days after that."

What do you think? Cause to hope? Not quite yet? More work needed? Write a comment below or find us on facebook to leave a comment.

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